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i'll wear whatever i want. ................................................. “I’ve apparently been the victim of growing up, which apparently happens to all of us at one point or another. It’s been going on for quite some time now, without me knowing it. I’ve found that growing up can mean a lot of things. For me, it doesn’t mean I should become somebody completely new and stop loving the things I used to love. It means I’ve just added more things to my list.” ................................................ Jeremiah 29:11

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I have once again switched up my foundation. I was using the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation that I once adored but lately, I’ve just been feeling like it is cutting it anymore. So I set out on the hunt for my perfect foundation. And I found it. I have been wanting to try the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation for quite some time. Everyone at work raves about it and I was introduced to it by one of my favorite youtubers, the lovely EssieButton

I am so happy that I picked up this foundation! It is so amazing. Firstly, it’s consistency is very similar to the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I tend to like a more liquid formula. I hate thicker foundations. And because it’s a gel foundation, it’s very thin and smooth. It feels wonderful to apply! Next, the coverage is unbelievable! For being such a thin foundation, it is almost full coverage and is easily build-able to reach a completely full and opaque coverage. And the best part? It doesn’t look cakey at all. I love to blend it out with my Quo sponge (a Beauty Blender dupe). This foundation is perfect for dry skin but I believe it would also work great with oilier skins although it does not have a matte finish. It leaves my skin looking healthy and fresh. Plus, this foundation promises that it lasts a full 16 hours which it definitely does! I don’t find it slipping off my face throughout the day like my Rimmel foundation was. 

As for price, I think it is very reasonable priced. It could easily pass as one of the high-end foundations but for $27, it falls more in the middle between drugstore and high-end. Honestly, for the price and the quality, how could you say no? I think I’ve found my perfect foundation. Hooray! 

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A couple of months ago, I did a post on a sneak peak of the Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner but now, I have the real deal for you! 

I can proudly say I like this liner a lot more than at first now that I have been able to experiment with it a bit more. To recap, this liner is a gel liner so it’s a bit thicker, more opaque and more matte than a liquid liner. What’s great about this liner being in pen form instead of the traditional pot is that it doesn’t dry out as fast. It’s all contained so it will last it’s full two month supply. Also, you don’t need to carry around a separate brush. Everything is all together. Another great feature about this liner is it’s lash-hugging capabilities. I found that I can get really close to my lashes and create a super thin line which is always my preference! But if you prefer a thicker line, this liner is great at that too!

As for creating winged liner, this liner excels at that as well. I have never been one for doing wings but I gave it a try. I think it worked pretty well for my first try! Obviously, I still need some practice but I found the angled AccuFlex™ tip to be super helpful at creating the perfect wing! 

So all in all, I really do like the new Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner a lot more than when I first tried it out. I’m not sure if it will completely replace my liquid liner but it’s definitely a contender!

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*ftc disclaimer: I was gifted this product for free from Benefit but all opinions are my own.

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There seems to be so many different kinds of lip crayons on the market so i thought I would break down the differences for you!

(from top to bottom, swatches- right to left)

First, is the Clarins Lip Balm Crayon in Creamy Pink. This one is a very glossy balm and more of a rosy coral. I love the color of this one but it doesn’t last very long on the lips. (buy here

Next, is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish. This was the first lip crayon I had ever picked up and it’s one of my faves because not only is it moisturizing, but it’s also a stain as well. (buy here

Next, is the Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Fuchsia Libre. This one is supposed to last 10 hours, which I don’t really agree with but it’s definitely the most glossy out of the whole bunch! (buy here

Then comes the Moodmatcher Luxe Lip Crayon. I love this one! It changes color on your lips to the perfect pink and it has great staining properties as well! (buy here

Next, is the Pur Minerals Lip Gloss Stick in Pucker. This one may be my least favorite. It’s not especially hydrating nor glossy. It’s more like just a sheer lipstick. (buy here

Lastly, comes the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Coquette. I always thought these ones were a stain like the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains, but they’re not. They’re more of a shimmery, glossy tinted lip balm, but it’s still very pretty! (buy here

So there we go! Which ones are your faves?

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I have been wanting to try out the Beauty Blender sponge for forever but with a price tag of just under 30 dollars, my wallet would hate me. A 30 dollar sponge?! That’s crazy. 

However, I heard that Quo had some amazing dupes for this Beauty Blender sponge, but we were always sold out. So, when we finally got them back in, I didn’t hesitate to buy three. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the best news, these sponges are only five dollars (with my lovely employee discount, that brings the price down to $3.50), that price is so much more justifiable. 

If you are not familiar with this type of sponges, the idea is that you can soak them in water and they will expand in size and then you can use them to blend out your makeup. 

The three that I got was the classic blending sponge (purple), the precision sponge (blue), and the sculpting sponge (pink). The purple one is definitely my favorite. It’s much softer than the others and is amazing at blending out your foundation! It’s especially nice with dry skin where my foundation used to get splotchy on the dry patches. I mainly use the blue one for blending out my concealer underneath my eyes and around my nose. I have been loving the pink one for applying cream blushes. I don’t know why but I can’t stand using my fingers or a brush for cream blushes so this sponge offers the perfect solution!

All in all, these sponges are a great makeup tool to have to ensure the best makeup application! And they’re a tenth of the price of the famous Beauty Blender so y’all should probably give these a try, all right? 

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I feel like the Benefit Tints are such an iconic product of Benefit’s cosmetic line. I fell in love with the Benefit Benetint at the young age of 10 and as Benefit continued to broaden the color range, I became a bigger and bigger fan. Alas, I could not wait to try out the newest part of the Tints family: the balm tints. 

At first, I was not overly impressed with the Benefit lip tints. When I first had the chance to try these out, I thought they were average and boring, but then I realized they are only boring because they are such a staple makeup product to have. They are your typical tinted lip balm but with a few added features thrown in. First, how cute is the packaging? If there’s one thing Benefit nails every single time, it’s the packaging. The polka dot metal tube is adorable. Second, the lip tints are actually incredibly hydrating! They contain mango butter and sodium hyaluronate to soften and condition lips. Thirdly, the classic Benetint color is gorgeous. It’s a rosy red that starts out sheer, but is easily buildable to a more bold red. 

One of my favorite things about these lip tints is that they are a great product to go with the Benefit tint stains. Although the Benefit classic tints are great for staining your lips, they offer no hydration. That’s why the lip tints are so fabulous to layer with the stains! Hydration and long-lasting color! What more could you want?

I’ve only had the chance to try out the classic Benebalm shade but the lip tints come in three other colors that match the classic stains- Posiebalm, Chachabalm, and Lollibalm. I want to get my hands on Lollibalm so badly! It’s the perfect orchid color, since Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year after all!

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*ftc disclaimer: I was gifted this product for free from Benefit but all opinions are my own.

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Today the Benefit rep came into work (I work in the Beauty Boutique at Shoppers Drug Mart in case y’all weren’t aware) and guess what she brought with her? That’s right. The Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner and the matching makeup remover. Ever since they started showing sneak-peaks of these products on Instagram and Youtube, I knew I had to see it for myself immediately. 

So to put it in the simpler terms, the Push-Up Liner is not a liquid liner. It is like a gel or cream eyeliner, but instead of the product being in a jar and then having to use a separate angled brush to apply it, both products are in one. You twist the bottom of the tube and the gel squeezes out of the soft plastic (AccuFlex™) tip. Pretty handy right?

So let’s talk pros and cons. I love Benefit. I really do. And I love the They’re Real Mascara. So I really wanted to love this eyeliner, but I’m still a little bit uncertain about it. When I was trying out this product, I found it a bit messy. It squirted out too much product when I twisted it and found myself with quite a bit of excess gel. Plus, I have a feeling that the product could easily dry up in the tip. But I can’t verify that assumption until I own this product myself. As for pros, there are many! Although this probably won’t be my favorite eyeliner, I can see why it will be a very popular launch. The actual gel product is a very nice consistency. Although a tad bit thick for my liking, it’s a very matte, opaque black. It’s also very nice and creamy. And for those of you who don’t want your liner smudging anywhere, this liner is completely waterproof!

Because the eyeliner is so waterproof, Benefit came out with a whole new eye makeup remover especially for the They’re Real line! I was very impressed with the makeup remover! It is a cream consistency, not a liquid, which I really like because not only is it less messy, but I find it is easier to massage on my eyes and break down all of the makeup. This works incredibly well. After only a few seconds of gently rubbing this remover on the eyeliner, it disintegrated the product and then easily wiped away with a tissue. 

All in all, I think Benefit has another huge hit on their hands and I can’t wait to try these out more in depth when they hit stores. So for all of you who are freaking about these two products, the official launch is June 27. Get your butts down to Shoppers Drug Mart on that day to check these out! See you then!

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  1. Quo Makeup Blending Sponges (similar here)— I have always wanted to try out the Beauty Blender sponges but I could never spend $30 on a sponge. I always heard that the Quo sponges were a very close dupe, however they were almost always sold out! Now that Shoppers Drug Mart has gotten them in again, I picked up three to try out.
  2. La Roche Posay Effaclar Toner (buy here)— I am a huge fan of the La Roche Posay Effaclar Cleanser so I thought I should give the toner a try too!
  3. Aussie Sprunch Hairspray (buy here)— One time, I was in desperate need of hairspray so I tried this one, which was in the bathroom at work. I ended up really liking it so I picked it up! It’s very good for giving your curls a good hold but also giving them a more beachy, casual texture.
  4. Colgate Optic White Toothpaste— This is one of my all time favorite toothpastes. I usually don’t notice a difference with whitening toothpastes, but this one definitely whitens your teeth!
  5. Revlon Nail Polish in Scandalous (buy here)— I have been wanting this nail polish for the longest time now. I had come to the conclusion that this was the only color I didn’t already own so I allowed myself to purchase it.

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I have waited all year to finally start wearing sunglasses again. Sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory and I have really missed wearing them. The pair that I chose today are these Floral Aviators from Sunglass Warehouse. I used to be intimidated by mirrored sunglasses but I think the floral detail on the sides of these add a more girly touch. It downplays the intensity of the mirrors. This style also comes in gold with gold mirrored lenses. 

I love all the sunglasses over at Sunglass Warehouse. They all have very affordable prices which is essential because I tend to lose my sunglasses or get them scratched within a week. I usually only like to splurge on one pair and then have a bunch of backup pairs that are used for everyday adventures. 

Shop Sunglass Warehouse: http://www.sunglasswarehouse.com/

Shop Floral Aviators here

Cardigan- Zara // Top- Vero Moda (similar here) // Jeans- Vero Moda (similar here) // Flats- Bloch (buy here) // Bracelet- Accessory Mercado // Sunglasses- Sunglass Warehouse (buy here) // Earrings- Majestical Jewelry (buy here) //

Shop the outfit here (click the box)

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*ftc disclaimer: I was sent these products for free but all opinions are my own.

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I have always had the ugliest nails. I was a nail biter when I was a kid so I blame that as the reason why my natural nails are so short and stubby. Alas, I am always looking for new nail products to make my nails look a bit prettier since regular nail polish doesn’t always cut it.

I tried out the imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails today and I thought they were a very cool product. They are super easy to apply. All you need to do is find 10 out of the 24 nails that fit your nails best, peel off the plastic tab and press on to your nails. And voila! All done! The only issue I found with these nails is that they are too long for me. I have super small nail beds so these nails hung off the end of my finger quite a bit. For someone that is only used to short nails, these will require quite some getting used to. Other than that, I think these nails work great! They are very durable and I have no trouble believing they will last up to a week! 

They style I tried out today is called Hottie and they are a magenta base with fun neon and silver glitter designs. They are great for summer and I am planning on wearing these to work tonight to spice up my all black outfit!

I also received a really pretty green-purple duochrome set of nails that I will be trying out and blogging about at a later date so stay posted for that!

imPress Manicure: http://impressmanicure.com/

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*ftc disclaimer: I was sent these products complimentary for testing purposes but all opinions are my own.

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Now that the warmer weather has finally hit Edmonton (it was literally snowing last week), it’s time to switch up my foundations. During the winter, I wear my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation but that one is way too oily to wear during the summer. It just sweats right off. So I’ve been switching to the new Benefit Big Easy ‘foundation’. It’s not really a foundation but it’s a bit more than a BB cream so I’m not sure what to call it. 

This foundation is such a cool product and I was so excited to receive it at my Benefit training. There are so many awesome features about it. First, it is a liquid to powder formula so it can be applied easily but then it transforms into a more matte, smooth finish. You don’t have to worry about having your face look oily throughout the day. Also, this foundation contains SPF 35! SPF is one of the most important things to have on your face in the summer (and throughout the whole year for that matter). Thirdly, this product custom matches to your skin shade. I wear shade #02 light but I can also wear #01, #03, and even #04 if I was a tiny bit tanner. That means you could wear this same foundation all year long even if you tend to tan more in the summer. As for coverage, this foundation has less coverage than a typical foundation but more coverage than a BB Cream. However, I find that the Benefit Big Easy has the perfect amount of coverage for the summer. If you want more coverage, just layer this with your favorite concealer. 

I was very impressed with the Benefit Big Easy foundation. It’s a super innovative product that doesn’t seem to compare with anything else! I think this is the perfect Summer product!

Check out Benefit: http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/

Shop Benefit Big Easy here

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*ftc disclaimer: I was gifted the Big Easy from Benefit but all opinions are my own.

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I really wish I had more chances to wear red lipstick in public because I am absolutely loving this lipstick from Estee Lauder. These are the new Pure Color Envy lipsticks that I recently talked about in my May Favorites and I couldn’t be more obsessed with them.

The color that I own is called Envious and it is the perfect red. Not too blue-toned and not too pink-toned. It is just a true red. The formula of these lipsticks is what makes them so unique. They contain Hyaluronic Acid which makes these lipsticks incredibly moisturizing. I always thought that Hyaluronic Acid would be drying because it is an acid but it’s actually the opposite. The acid adds hydration to the lips and because of this, this lipstick is the creamiest, smoothest lipstick I have ever worn. Apart from this gorgeous red, Estee Lauder has many other colors to choose from, including my personal favorite, Infamous, a bright pink!

The packaging of these lipsticks is also gorgeous. It is a sleek and glossy navy tube with gold ends and the case is magnetic so it securely closes and won’t come loose in your purse! Perf!

So there we have it, my new favorite lipstick. There’s not one downside to this lipstick which is quite impressive I must say.

Shop here or click the box below:

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*ftc disclaimer: I was gifted this lipstick from Estee Lauder and Shoppers Drug Mart but all opinions are my own.

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I haven’t been buying a lot of eye shadows lately because I tend to stick to the boring matte champagne colors but when I was at Walmart at 10:30 at night (don’t ask), I saw this gorgeous Hard Candy palette. It was basically love at first sight. Who needs boys when you have pretty makeup right?

There were five different varieties of this palette: nudes, pinks, greens, purples and blues. Usually I would go for the nudes palette, but then I saw this one, the pinks palette called ‘Pinking of You’! The name is kind of adorable. I’m usually not a fan of pink eyeshadow, hello pink eye! But these shades seemed so wearable and this palette only cost around six dollars so I decided to give it a try!

I’m so glad I did because I am obsessed with this palette. I bought it a week ago and I’ve worn it every single day which is quite an accomplishment for me! The formulation is so pigmented and they almost have a creamy texture, not a flaky powdery feel at all! The ten-shade selection in this palette is very well thought out. They have some true pink colors towards the right end of the palette but they also included some taupes and peaches towards the other end as well as a white and a cranberry color. With the wide selection of colors, their are so many different eye looks you could create! Anythings from a very natural eye to a more smoked pink look! I’ve been having so much fun playing around with this palette. The only downside to this palette would be that their are only shimmery shades. There is an absence of matte shades but if you don’t mind shimmer, this is definitely the palette for you!

Shop here: http://www.hardcandy.com/beauty-eyes/hc-top-ten-pinking-of-you/

Check out Hard Candy: http://www.hardcandy.com/

Shop similar palettes here (click the box):

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I know this scenery doesn’t look exactly Spring-y, but after the longest Winter ever, this is as Spring as it’s going to get! The high was +7 degrees (Celsius obvs.) so I couldn’t wait to bring out my fun spring clothes! No more dark colors for me! 

These pants are the epitome of Spring. They are such a fun floral print and they make me so happy! I paired them with one of my favorite tops from Vero Moda with a lace neckline and a flowy chiffon fabric. It was still a bit chilly so I added a long blue cardigan and wore some grey flats. I am so excited to start wearing flats again! I’ve been a bit bored with booties.

I kept my accessories very Spring-like with this bangle from Accessory  Mercado. It brings out the colors in the pants with the fun green and turquoise design. For earrings, I wore these daisy studs from Majestical Jewelry. What is Spring without florals?

Do YOU want some new jewelry to kick off Spring? Reblog or like this post by May 15 and I will randomly select a winner to win a $20 gift card to Majestical Jewelry

Check out Majestical Jewelry: http://www.majestical.com

Check out Accessory Mercado: http://www.accessorymercado.com/

Cardigan- Zara // Top- Vero Moda (similar here) // Jeans- Vero Moda (similar here) // Flats- Bloch (buy here) // Bracelet- Accessory Mercado // Sunglasses- Sunglass Warehouse (buy here) // Earrings- Majestical Jewelry (buy here) //

Shop the outfit here (click the box)

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Tinted lip balms have become so popular lately but I feel like many just miss the mark. However, these Covergirl Smoochies lip balms are amazing, yay for fabulous lip products!

I have two of the twelve colors available but I totally want to go pick up some more. First, is Tweet Me, a cherry red color. Next, is Luv U, a mauve mid-tone pink. Both colors are a very moisturizing formula with sheer but still pigmented color payoff. These remind me a lot of the Maybelline Baby Lips. The Tweet Me Smoochies is almost an exact dupe for the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, except it has a less obnoxious smell (I hate the smell of artificial cherries). The Covergirl Smoochies in Luv U is definitely my favorite of the two. It is such a wearable color and it looks great with almost every makeup look! Plus, I find the formula decently moisturizing which is very uncommon for my dry lips. As for scent/flavour, the Smoochies remind me a lot of BonneBell lip smackers. It’s a very fruity scent, not my least favorite but not a fantastic smell either. These are kind of like the grown up version of Lipsmackers. We all have to grow up sometime. Other than that, I love the Covergirl Smoochies and you probably will too okay? Okay.

Covergirl Smoochies: buy here

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Face masks make me laugh. Does anyone look cute with a face mask on? The answer is no so let’s not judge my selfie here. 

But oh my goodness, I am in love with sheet face masks and these ones from MaskerAide are perfection. I received two different kinds to try, the All Nighter and the Detox Diva. They are both fiber sheet masks soaked in serum that is infused with vitamins and nutrients.

The All Nighter face mask is my saviour. I used this one after a night of partying (it was a looooong night) and I felt so hungover bad when I woke up. After a long night, my face always feels so dry and stiff and just generally gross for a lack of better words. However, I felt like that was the perfect time to try out this mask and I couldn’t have been more right! This mask was incredibly refreshing and the peppermint oil woke me up and de-puffed my tired eyes. I felt like a whole new person after I used this mask, one who gets a full eight hours of sleep instead of partying her worries away. 

The Detox Diva is also equally as amazing! I used this one during finals week at university. I had been focusing more on school than my skin and my face was starting to show the stress I was experiencing so I was definitely in need of a face mask. This Detox Diva mask helps to minimize pores and gently exfoliate away dead skin cells. My face felt so much cleaner and healthier after using this mask. 

Apart from these two masks, MaskerAide also has a variety of other sheet masks, including the Pre Party Prep mask which is next on my wishlist so go check them out! 

All Nighter: http://www.maskeraide.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50

Detox Diva: http://www.maskeraide.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=25&product_id=53

MaskerAide: http://www.maskerAide.com/

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*ftc disclaimer: I was sent these products for free but all opinions are my own.

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